Meet Me

Copyright Kara Millerhagen 2014
Lyrics and melody by Kara Millerhagen
Arrangement by Chris Wagoner
Musicians: Chris Wagoner (violin), Mary Gaines (bass), Doug Brown (guitar, banjo), Erik Radloff (drums), Kara Millerhagen (vocals)
Sound engineer: Jake Johnson, PARADYMNE Productions

Written by Kara on an early morning trip through the western Wisconsin coulee country, heading for the annual family rendezvous. Pigeon Falls was her destination, the birthplace of our parents and where they grew up, grew their music and their lives, and to this day remains the roots of our family.  As kids, we spent a lot of time together in the Pigeon area, where Grandma and Grandpa had a farm in the country.  That farm had a round barn, an endless supply of blackberries, and the indelible mark of the Johnstad family.  That farm was our playground.  When Grandpa died and Grandma moved into town, we moved our games and chasing to the two streets of Pigeon Falls.  At the north end of town was the mill, adjacent to the dam that created the town pond and the falls, along with passenger pigeons, that gave the town its name. We spent hot summer days around the mill and in Pigeon Creek.  We were always outdoors, enjoying the world no matter the weather.

Those early days are imprinted on us.  When we need comfort, or we feel we’ve lost our way, or we need a friend we absolutely can count on, we return to the mill, the barn, and the path down to the creek.  And when we can’t get there by car, we can always visit in our hearts.  These are the images that helped steer Kara back to our roots that summer morning in the car when she spilled her coffee on her dress and wrote a song.

Meet Me reminds us that we are rooted in our past, and that there are places and people you can count on.  Water – essential to life and a centerpiece for this story – is the first place she visits.