Turn Around

Copyright Paul C Hanson and Chris Wagoner 2014
Lyrics and melody by Paul C. Hanson
Arrangement by Chris Wagoner
Musicians: Kara Millerhagen (lead vocals), Chris Wagoner (violin, vocals), Mary Gaines (bass, vocals), Doug Brown (guitar), Erik Radloff (drums)
Sound engineer: Jake Johnson, PARADYMNE Productions

Turn Around, the title track of this collection, epitomizes musical creativity, and in some ways, the science-music interface and the collaborative process.  It typifies the routine Chris and I go through in developing a piece.  I show up with a melody and lyric, and Chris creates an arrangement that feeds back to the melody.  The whole thing morphs, sometimes slightly, but in this case it transformed from bluegrass to funk.  Once we have a basic arrangement, we bring it to the studio, and the other musicians add their ideas and flavor, giving it complexity and richness.  This tune has all that and more, thanks to the magic of sound engineer, Jake Johnson.  Violin, bass, and guitar transform into horns, sax, and organ.  Vocals are a centerpiece of this piece, as Kara, supported by the harmonies of Chris and Mary, tell us not to walk away when things get tough.