What’s Happening

Ted Talk by Evelyn Gaiser: Lakes write music. Science is listening.

The art of science, music edition: Music and science as manifestations of creativity (See PowerPoint)

Lake poetry that reflects dreamy aspirations of a man (Read)

Write and produce music (See article in Madison’s ISTHMUS newspaper): All pieces are original compositions written and produced by Paul Hanson and Chris Wagoner. Each piece has a connection to water and/or to general science concepts.

Recent Events: Communication is an essential component of the scientific process. Science projects have many dimensions, including the ideas and questions motivating the research, resources required to carry out the work, and the outcomes captured in scientific publications. As a human endeavor, science has additional dimensions of creativity and communication, and that’s what we explore with The Art of Science.

  • November 7, 2016: Seminar at Michigan Tech University (See Poster)
  • April, 2016: Seminar at the UW Center for Limnology (See PowerPoint)