Students and Postdocs



Hilary Dugan

At the Center for Limnology at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Hilary is working to understand the flowpaths of water and carbon in lake-catchment systems. This involves combining catchment hydrologic models and lake hydrodynamic models. She is undertaking this project through a collaborative approach to science, which uses web tools to integrate resources and knowledge and track progress. It is an open-source platform that aims to encourage participation and engage the community.In connection with the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, in Millbrook NY, she is on the leadership team of the GLEON fellowship program. The fellowship teaches graduate students how to manage and interpret large data sets, and provides the opportunity for students to collaborate on data science in a group learning environment. Check out their website at!Hilary’s Site:

Graduate Students

Julia Hart

Julia is pursuing a PhD with co-advisors Dr. Paul Hanson and Dr. Emily Stanley at the Center for Limnology. Her research interests include the biotic and abiotic controls on carbon cycling and greenhouse gas production, particularly methane production, in lakes. She is also interested in how these greenhouse gases can be tied into issues of water quality and lake trophic status.

Undergraduate Students

Eric Beets

Eric Beets is an undergraduate student pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Spanish. He currently serves as a new Network Administrator for the CFL. While not writing code or working with computers, Eric enjoys spending his time in the air. As a pilot, he competes in NIFA Intercollegiate aviation events, and is also an active proponent for getting youth interested in aviation. Some of his other hobbies include scuba diving, filmmaking, and photography.

Justin Snyder

Justin Snyder is currently a Junior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Certificate of Japanese Studies. He enjoys longboarding in the summer months, and snowboarding in the winter months. Otherwise, he is always on his computer playing games or reading articles.

Former Students, Postdocs, & Program Coordinators

Grace Hong
Craig Snortheim
Luke Winslow Christian Elowsky
Grant Langlois Erika Phillips
Emily Read Nolan Berry
Cayelan Carey Johnny Dedrick
Stephen Gaschignard Joey Glocke
Evan Hanson Jordan Hinkle
Matt O’Rourke matt Olivia Sanderfoot
Anita Sinha Tracy Stacy
Amanda Stone Matt Ziegler